About us

Kalexa emerged as a physical store in 2014, with a purchase agreement for a women's cooperative in Bali that engaged in the production of costume jewelery, through fair trade and NO child exploitation. In principle it was a store of jewelry and accessories, artisanal and design, obviously the crafts were imported from Bali and we also had a line of design that was purchased from a Japanese designer in Paris, (many of these pieces are still in our accessories section ). The store was very good, but we had to close for personal reasons in 2016. Now, 3 years later we have decided to return with a broader concept, but within the same line and is to promote a more emotional and conscientious styling, which promotes the authentic and coherent image of the woman, with the purpose of provoking an improvement or recovery of self-esteem. What is summarized in encouraging self-love.

In conclusion, Kalexa shop resurfaces not only as an online business model, but also with the intention of helping to improve our value and acceptance as women, regardless of our forms, culture, style, religion, etc ...

We appreciate your interest to know us!

Kalexa Philosophy:

Promote a more emotional styling and offer high quality garments, which rep us

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